Pam Gram (Your Talkologist 2013 is Still Alive)


I have finally made the transition and I am in a much better place. I have been doing a lot of writing, thinking about this book that GOD has put on my heart. It will come in due time. I am getting some much needed recommendations on how to revamp my talk show and get it back on the air. ¬†Your Talkologist 2013 lost the first man she ever loved next to GOD…I lost my DAD. Boy….Does it hurt. Sometimes, you just have to step away and let GOD bring you back. I know that if GOD anointed to me do this, then he will always bring me back and make a way for me. Keep me and my family in your prayers. Much love!!!!!

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Pam Gram (Back to the Blog)

ImageI ha

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Pam Gram (May has come and gone)

Microphone Hey viewers, Happy Memorial Day!!! This is truly a happy Monday to be with family and friends. I had the opportunity to spend Saturday (all day and night) with my family. We fired up the grill while we were all together in preparation for today…Memorial Day. I had to come back home to finish with my transition that I shared with you…and it’s going well. By the end of June, the transition will be complete and I will start a new life all over again. My father always told me when all else fails, go back to where you started. This time, when I come out and come back, I will have arrived!!! I am on GOD’S time….not my own time. GOD told me he would do great exploits in my life and people would know that it came from him. I have the best support system in my life right now. I have the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I have the MOON and MY LITTLE STAR that loves and appreciates me…..and a family that cares. My life is REALLY starting to come together. I will NO LONGER engage myself in any negative conversations or be around negative people. My heavenly Father has truly blessed me, more importantly, to be a blessing in someone’s life. I thank all the people that called to say that YOU, the VIEWERS, missed my blogs. Your TALKOLOGIST will soon be set-up to confabulate with you on a daily basis via YOUR WONDERFUL WORDPRESS BLOG…….stay pure in heart because that’s WHAT MATTERS!!!

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Pam Gram ( A new month)

Microphone Hey viewers, it’s a new month! Happy May! For a whole year, I said it’s time for a change. Have you seen evidence in your life of any changes? Have you taken time to reflect on how far you have come? 2013 is the year of restoration. Now is the time to create an environment where we can hear from GOD…..a space where your creativity can flourish. We must have order in our lives. As for your Talkologist 2013, my transition is here. May is a very important month for me. I am in the process of setting up an atmosphere where I can think better, be creative (like my mentor, Josh Linkner has said), reinvent myself, and above all to continue to hear from GOD!!!! A place where I can plan the next phase of my life with the help of GOD! God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!!! In my life, he did something beautiful. He brought the MOON AND THE EARTH TOGETHER FOR EVER!!!! They have a little STAR!!! Just like daddy MOON, the little STAR shines so bright. As a family, we have covered it “ALL”. The MOON revolves around the EARTH…the EARTH rotates on its axis…and the LITTLE STAR shines so bright for the whole WORLD to see. WOW!!! In the famous words of the late LUTHER VANDROSS….SO AMAZING TO BE LOVED I’ll FOLLOW YOU TO THE MOON AND THE STARS ABOVE. For the first day of May…..that’s “WHAT MATTERS” 2 PAM. Be grateful for ALL things and not just the big things!!!!!!

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Pam-Gram (Demo Tape)

Microphone I would like to extend a thank-you to my viewers who formed a focus group to watch my demo tape even though it was a rough draft. I was inspired by the Moon, who is always a beacon of light to make some necessary changes. I will try to have the final copy as soon as possible but, that can be difficult when you are striving for perfection. I feel that we are almost there. I will be sending out a Pam-Gram alert, asking businesses to invest in my show “WHAT MATTERS” to get us to the next production level. It is my mission to bring TERRIFIC interviews to “YOU”, the viewers. My parents told me that when things around you are moving fast…BE STILL…and it will come to you. Well, I have some thoughts and I know what changes I need to make. My prayer for the day: Heavenly Father in the name of your precious SON, JESUS CHRIST…Please order my words just as you order my steps. Help me to make the right decisions. Give me the wisdom and courage to make the necessary changes at the right time. Lord, EVERYTHING I HAVE IS YOURS….including my life. We should all want to live for JESUS…and that’s “WHAT MATTERS 2 PAM”…..not the end..but…a new beginning!!!!!!

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Pam-Gram (Who I Meet)

Microphone Several months ago, I went to a local furniture store to listen to an interior design lecture with Martin Lawrence and Kathy Ireland of the Bravo television show, “MILLION DOLLAR HOMES”. How AMAZING!!!! Since my viewers have started to ask me questions about designs and colors to decorate, this lecture was perfect….and informative. Mr. Martin Lawrence agreed with me that using various shades of yellow paint along with the cheetah/African motifs, that RED is a perfect accent color. After the talk show demo is finalized and put out to potential businesses for sponsorship, I will be more available to answer your questions….but check out the show “MILLION DOLLAR HOMES” for professional design ideas on Bravo. Today, as your Talkologist 2013……That’s WHAT MATTERS 2 PAM!!

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Pam-Gram (No Weapon)

Microphone This is the end of a GOOD day!! The Bible tells us that “no weapons formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that rises against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn”. We must learn how to cast our care unto the Lord….he will fight our battles. His word says that our enemies will become our foot stool…Thank-God!! I don’t know about you but my feet get really tired sometimes and the thought of an enemy becoming a foot stool is VERY INTERESTING!!! God has given me the strength to press on and believe that every thing in due season. The Question is…do I want it before it’s time?? My answer is NO!!!!! Allow the Holy Spirit into your life-let him guide you. More importantly LISTEN!!!! The intuition that we sometimes experience is “GOD REMAINING ANONYMOUS”!!! My recommendation is to let go and let GOD do his thing!!!! Your help will only come from the LORD which made heaven and earth……only in ONE LIFETIME, WILL HE PUT THE MOON THERE FOR GUIDANCE!!! The Moon and the Earth is a good fit and that’s not a coincidence, that’s a fact and……THAT’S WHAT MATTERS 2 PAM!!!!!!!

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