Pam-Gram (Demo Tape)

Microphone I would like to extend a thank-you to my viewers who formed a focus group to watch my demo tape even though it was a rough draft. I was inspired by the Moon, who is always a beacon of light to make some necessary changes. I will try to have the final copy as soon as possible but, that can be difficult when you are striving for perfection. I feel that we are almost there. I will be sending out a Pam-Gram alert, asking businesses to invest in my show “WHAT MATTERS” to get us to the next production level. It is my mission to bring TERRIFIC interviews to “YOU”, the viewers. My parents told me that when things around you are moving fast…BE STILL…and it will come to you. Well, I have some thoughts and I know what changes I need to make. My prayer for the day: Heavenly Father in the name of your precious SON, JESUS CHRIST…Please order my words just as you order my steps. Help me to make the right decisions. Give me the wisdom and courage to make the necessary changes at the right time. Lord, EVERYTHING I HAVE IS YOURS….including my life. We should all want to live for JESUS…and that’s “WHAT MATTERS 2 PAM”…..not the end..but…a new beginning!!!!!!

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