Pam-Gram (No Weapon)

Microphone This is the end of a GOOD day!! The Bible tells us that “no weapons formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that rises against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn”. We must learn how to cast our care unto the Lord….he will fight our battles. His word says that our enemies will become our foot stool…Thank-God!! I don’t know about you but my feet get really tired sometimes and the thought of an enemy becoming a foot stool is VERY INTERESTING!!! God has given me the strength to press on and believe that every thing in due season. The Question is…do I want it before it’s time?? My answer is NO!!!!! Allow the Holy Spirit into your life-let him guide you. More importantly LISTEN!!!! The intuition that we sometimes experience is “GOD REMAINING ANONYMOUS”!!! My recommendation is to let go and let GOD do his thing!!!! Your help will only come from the LORD which made heaven and earth……only in ONE LIFETIME, WILL HE PUT THE MOON THERE FOR GUIDANCE!!! The Moon and the Earth is a good fit and that’s not a coincidence, that’s a fact and……THAT’S WHAT MATTERS 2 PAM!!!!!!!

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