Pam Gram ( A new month)

Microphone Hey viewers, it’s a new month! Happy May! For a whole year, I said it’s time for a change. Have you seen evidence in your life of any changes? Have you taken time to reflect on how far you have come? 2013 is the year of restoration. Now is the time to create an environment where we can hear from GOD…..a space where your creativity can flourish. We must have order in our lives. As for your Talkologist 2013, my transition is here. May is a very important month for me. I am in the process of setting up an atmosphere where I can think better, be creative (like my mentor, Josh Linkner has said), reinvent myself, and above all to continue to hear from GOD!!!! A place where I can plan the next phase of my life with the help of GOD! God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!!! In my life, he did something beautiful. He brought the MOON AND THE EARTH TOGETHER FOR EVER!!!! They have a little STAR!!! Just like daddy MOON, the little STAR shines so bright. As a family, we have covered it “ALL”. The MOON revolves around the EARTH…the EARTH rotates on its axis…and the LITTLE STAR shines so bright for the whole WORLD to see. WOW!!! In the famous words of the late LUTHER VANDROSS….SO AMAZING TO BE LOVED I’ll FOLLOW YOU TO THE MOON AND THE STARS ABOVE. For the first day of May…..that’s “WHAT MATTERS” 2 PAM. Be grateful for ALL things and not just the big things!!!!!!

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