Pam Gram (May has come and gone)

Microphone Hey viewers, Happy Memorial Day!!! This is truly a happy Monday to be with family and friends. I had the opportunity to spend Saturday (all day and night) with my family. We fired up the grill while we were all together in preparation for today…Memorial Day. I had to come back home to finish with my transition that I shared with you…and it’s going well. By the end of June, the transition will be complete and I will start a new life all over again. My father always told me when all else fails, go back to where you started. This time, when I come out and come back, I will have arrived!!! I am on GOD’S time….not my own time. GOD told me he would do great exploits in my life and people would know that it came from him. I have the best support system in my life right now. I have the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I have the MOON and MY LITTLE STAR that loves and appreciates me…..and a family that cares. My life is REALLY starting to come together. I will NO LONGER engage myself in any negative conversations or be around negative people. My heavenly Father has truly blessed me, more importantly, to be a blessing in someone’s life. I thank all the people that called to say that YOU, the VIEWERS, missed my blogs. Your TALKOLOGIST will soon be set-up to confabulate with you on a daily basis via YOUR WONDERFUL WORDPRESS BLOG…….stay pure in heart because that’s WHAT MATTERS!!!

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